Beer with Pleasant Strangers – Episode 12 – Stone RuinTen Variants

In this episode, Joel decided to get his faithful camera man a tidbit buzzed on some gnarly Triple IPAs from Stone and Mikkeller San Diego. They tasted both 2017 variants of the storied RuinTen “Triple” IPA and discuss future podcast plans.

Show Notes:

Guest: Aaron Oquendo
Aaron on Instagram: mr_illectric
SoundCloud: illectric
Aaron’s Portfolio


Mikkeller San Diego – Miramar, San Diego, CA

Big Hazy – an Imperial IPA brewed with Lupulin powder.

Stone Brewing Company – Escondido, CA

RuinTen Triple IPA with Orange Peel & Vanilla Bean

RuinTen Triple IPA Double Dry-Hopped with Centennial & Citra

Stone RuinTen Variants & Mikkeller SD Big Hazy

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