Beer with Pleasant Strangers – Episode 09 – Burgeon Beer Co. Can Release Two

It’s been a minute! Apologies for the mini hiatus. The show is back in action now!

In this episode, Joel and Curtis returned to Burgeon Beer Co. in Carlsbad, CA for their second-ever can release! Along the way, they discuss a miniature myriad of topics, from bottle shares (which you can read about in greater detail on Curtis’ new blog) to Gentlemen Broncos & beer photography.

Show Notes:

Guest: Curtis Fjelstad
Curtis on Instagram: @bigcurt19x8
Between Beers & Other Bullshit


New Glarus - R&D Sour - Champ du Blanc

New Glarus Brewing – New Glarus, WI

R&D Champ du Blanc –  a blend of aged sour blonde ale and Chardonnay grapes. Spontaneously fermented in New Glarus’ Wildfruit Cave through the cool winters of 2015 and 2016.

Side Project - Merci (Blend #3)

Side Project Brewing – St. Louis, MO

Merci (Blend #3) – a blend of wild ales:

14% – Saison du Fermier aged in a light toast American Oak Foedre for 6 months.

31% – Saison du Fermier aged in a heavy toast American Oak Foedre for 4 months.

46% – Missouri Wild Blond Ale aged a French Oak Foedre that they have been pulling solera-style pieces from for the past 4 years.

9% – Missouri Wild Ale that was aged in Missouri Oak Chardonnay barrels for 3 years.

Burgeon Beer Co. - Universal Secret & Mixed Greens
Photo by @mr_illectric

Burgeon Beer Co. – Carlsbad, CA

Universal Secret – a “zero IBU” IPA dry-hopped with Nelson, Galaxy and Vic Secret.

Mixed Greens – a West Coast style Double IPA brewed with a rotating selection of six different hop varieties.

Extras ~ Amazing Beer Photographers:

Beer Friends on Instagram: @beerfriends_
Craft Cult on Instagram: @craft_cult
Ozzie Sandoval on Instagram: @ozziesandoval

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